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Who is Jenny McKinney

One thing you can definitely say about Jen McKinney is that she loves life and has a passion for making others laugh.  The comedy energy she takes to the stage… her JENergy, if you will… is infectious.  She is always laughing… at herself, at her own jokes, and with others.  Her laughter is an explosion of pure joy.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to not have a great time when Jen is on the stage.  Or even in the room.


This joyous sprite… she stands a mere 5ft 1 and ¾ inches tall … has been performing stand up comedy off and on for 22 years.  She wears many hats… and many bright, multi-colored wigs.  She is a comedian, a cosmetologist, an instructor, a mentor to middle school children and a life coach.  She uses the power of laughter… and she has tons of power AND laughter… to let people know that all animosity is temporary and the good times are yet to come.  She inspires young and old alike to accomplish their goals, tackle their fears and make the best of their lives.  And smile the entire time.


Jen may laugh like a hyena but has been busy as a beaver.  She won first place at the Charlotte Comedy Zone Comedy Competition and 3rd place at the Funniest Person in the Tri Cities Comedy Contest (and was the only female contestant).  She has appeared on the TruTV show “Hardcore Pawn” (where she ad-libbed all her own lines) and she has opened for comedy legend, The Tennessee Tramp at multiple locations on the road.  She created her own podcast, “So Much JENergy” that she hosts with her brother Jeff Jones. She has worked with multiple charities and fundraisers and since moving to Tennessee from Michigan she has been very active on the stand up scene, working with national comedy chains as well as local open mics.  No room is too big or too small for Jen, if the audience came to be entertained!


Her act isn’t raunchy, nor is it what would be deemed “church clean”.  She is a story teller, and some of her stories have a bit of an edge.  She shares her life on stage, the good, the bad and the ugly.  She doesn’t shy away from bringing you into her slightly disturbing world. She never means to offend, but she isn’t afraid to walk the line.  Life isn’t worth living without taking risks, after all.  But it’s all in the spirit of fun.


Jen is all about having a good time.  Her personality is intoxicating enough.  She doesn’t drink, and she never has.  She doesn’t need drugs or alcohol to get her kicks.  This comedic crackerjack is a pint sized tornado of merriment.  Whether she is at home alone (she sometimes even giggles in her sleep!), out with friends, or sharing her crazy true stories on stage, Jen is the personification of jubilance and glee.  She wakes up happy.  She goes to bed happy.  And she is happy at all points in between.  We could all be so lucky.


Maybe she was dropped on her head a few times as a child to make her this way.  Maybe it’s a blessing.  Maybe it’s a curse.  It doesn’t matter.  She wouldn’t have it any other way.  Jen’s goal is to change the world one person, or one audience, at a time.  And she has the determination and energy… I mean JENergy… to do it.

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