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Who is Jenny McKinney

I’m Jenny McKinney, the energy behind So Much Jenergy. I started So Much JENergy, LLC to allow me to bring Comedy and Coaching into one focus, not at the same time, like being at an eye exam and saying Number 1 or Number 2! Ha!


 love sharing my passion of laughing with the world as well as holding space for growth and authenticity of you, being you!



My coaching journey started a few years back when my coach told me “Don’t let GOOD be the energy to your GREAT!”.  I felt comfortable because I was good and I wanted to be great.  I have always been positive and through coaching, I have been able to genuinely live the happiest I have been living each day without judgement and being me, with ease.


Having a coach is the best!  It’s someone that can direct you when you need direction, assist when you need assistance and will blow that whistle if you need a time out.  Growing can be uncomfortable - and so can your tight pants after eating an entire pack of Oreos!  Ha!


I have worked a corporate job for almost 20 years.  I was able to be me to an extent and yet, was still made to feel small.  I was told I was too loud in meetings  and to be quiet. I was told I wasn’t talking enough and making the entire meeting feel uncomfortable. I turned into a workaholic after being “seen” for working hard from my family after being limited by the belief that you have to work hard for your money and was disgusted at the thought of being paid for stand up comedy

because that was me……and it was easy. I held unnecessary weight after a traumatic birthing experience.

After working through my limiting beliefs of work /  money and trauma, I have had so many new opportunities present themselves. I started a coaching business, host a comedy podcast, facilitate laughing meditation twice a week, mentor middle school children, author magazine articles, am a motivational presenter and a lover of life!

With the hustle and bustle of the world today, some of us have lost ourselves in our own thoughts, others expectations, society or cultural expectations or even generational beliefs. If you are feeling stuck, like you’re running through mud or so frustrated you want to scream at your unhappiness, let’s figure that out! Let’s start digging through that toxic filth and get you into some fresh, clean thoughts, energy or beliefs.

My techniques include:

Removal of limiting beliefs

Changing negative behaviors

Elimination of negative influences

Removal of limiting emotions such as shyness / anxiety / grief / anger / sadness

with results that include:

Increased happiness and confidence

Increased leadership skills

Increased presence


I create a safe space for your journey. Yes, I’m funny and laugh loud and I am fiercely focused on great leadership for you! I look forward to working with you and will leave you with my favorite quote by Frank Ocean: “Work hard in silence - let your success make the noise”.

Let's implement Healing and Humor.   xoxo Arm Squeezes and High Kicks!

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