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"I'm only 5'1 but I'll high kick you in the face with a laugh and a smile."

I’m Jenny McKinney, the energy behind So Much Jenergy. I’m a stand up comedian, coach, presenter, happiness facilitator and high kicker. I love sharing my passion of laughing with the world while holding space for growth and the authenticity of you, being you! I host a weekly podcast called So Much Jenergy where we unite comedic mindset development practices with you!

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What Are We Really Up To?


"In a world of constant stinky bad news So Much Jenergy is like lavender scented sunshine!!" Not all podcasts are created equal full of fart jokes. Well, ours is too but these toots smell like Sandlewood and your favorite movie mixed with your silliest memory and taste of Sourpatch Kids.

Some Happy Memories

"I was feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and just all around not my best.

Not my best self, not the best mom, not the best wife. Tired and just...bleh. I knew I needed to get all that in check. There were a few contributing habits that had gotten worse over the last few months (thanks, quarantine!) that I particularly wanted coaching for. Jenny helped me replace those destructive habits with productive actions and create space for a more focused use of my time. Since our session I've been less stressed over day to day tasks and have started bringing my bigger picture goals back into focus. Thank you, Jenny <3" -Kelly, USA

"I knew the 2nd session would be emotional, what I was about to do was extremely emotional.

I knew it would be life-changing, I just didn’t realize how much so. Jen was calm and loving, and ready with the tissues. The session was unreal.  And so very, very deep. She walked me through the whole process. I was able to reach out energetically to this person - ask questions & tell them what I needed to say. She helped me to reach deep down inside myself & this person, subconsciously, finally letting them go. And after getting the answer to the question that came up in the previous session, I was finally able to cut the cord.  I even forgave this person before saying good-bye."

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