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I love information - and I love sharing it even more!  FREEBIES are like information on a frisbee!  Here ya go, toots! CATCH! 


Guided (serious) Meditation

Believe me - I love laughing!  Yet - I know how to be serious! 

This guided meditation will take you through love and gratitude while allowing you to tap into the energy you create - anytime you need it! 


This gorgeous pic is created by Roger Scaglia! 

FUN rating: Pepperonis out of 5


FUN rating: Pea Juice out of 5


Overcoming Fear Worksheet

Is fear fun? Sure - if its not you! Ever been in a haunted house with others and when they are scared, it's hilarious and when it's you - you wet your pants? Not a good look!  


This worksheet will help you get clear on what is holding you back and how to reach your strong hand out and SLAP the sheet right out of the fear!  My fun rating is based on your awesomeness that this worksheet will bring to the surface for you! 

FUN rating:  Glitter out of 5


Aligning Your Energy with your Goals Worksheet! WHEW! 

Feel off .....or out of alignment? This fantastically easy worksheet will allow you to align your vibrational frequency to match the vibration of your goal!  Like attracts like - so get into alignment with your goal and make it happen that much easier! 

FUN rating: Bowling balls out of 5

A quick thought about .....

"It was hard to take Jen serious in this guided meditation because she's always laughing. You can feel the healing space she creates and the energy she passes to you! Love it!" 



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