Jen McKinney

Comedian & Professional High Kicker

When Jen began helping people, I knew I had to get her to help me.   I had someone toxic in my life that I had been holding on to, but desperately needed to rid myself of. It was a challenge because it was a family member. But they caused so much pain & hurt, I couldn’t live with it anymore. I had tried to remove them myself, but was unsuccessful. I knew I needed Jen’s help.



I was nervous the 1st time I went to do a session with Jen. Not about Jen, she’s amazing; but about what it would bring up.  Obviously, that 1st session brought up thoughts & feelings about the person & situation.  Something Jen asked me brought up a major question - one that was most likely the reason I was still holding on to this person in my life. She did a great job at making me think about what was happening & how I was really feeling about it all.

I knew the 2nd session would be emotional, what I was about to do was extremely emotional.  I knew it would be life-changing, I just didn’t realize how much so. Jen was calm and loving, and ready with the tissues. The session was unreal.  And so very, very deep. She walked me through the whole process. I was able to reach out energetically to this person - ask questions & tell them what I needed to say. She helped me to reach deep down inside myself & this person, subconsciously, finally letting them go. And after getting the answer to the question that came up in the previous session, I was finally able to cut the cord.  I even forgave this person before saying good-bye.


When the session was over, I immediately felt lighter.  I felt better emotionally than I had in years.  I now go days, even weeks, without thinking of this person. They only come to mind if someone else brings them up. I even saw a picture of this person on social media. I just scrolled past the post. That was HUGE!!!  That was a sign that the sessions with Jen worked.

I can’t thank Jen enough for guiding me through this process & for helping me walk through this journey.  She was supportive and caring, she’s a great listener. She honestly wants to help you through whatever it is you’re going through or experiencing.  I highly recommend speaking with Jen about whatever you are wanting to manifest in your life - whether it be to rid yourself of something or someone toxic or bring something amazing to fruition. Jen is full of light and love. I am forever grateful for her and her help. -Melissa, USA

I was feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and just all around not my best. Not my best self, not the best mom, not the best wife. Tired and just...bleh. I knew I needed to get all that in check. There were a few contributing habits that had gotten worse over the last few months (thanks, quarantine!) that I particularly wanted coaching for. Jenny helped me replace those destructive habits with productive actions and create space for a more focused use of my time. Since our session I've been less stressed over day to day tasks and have started bringing my bigger picture goals back into focus. Thank you, Jenny <3 -Kelly, USA

am hurt by many people and I live in seclusion/aloof, but that is not my wish. I was delighted with Jenny’s everyday laughter and her Fb profile. The reason is to solve life’s adversities, and I liked the concept of energy work, and laughter is a spice to health. Relaxation and confidence that doubts are resolved. I felt much better than before. I wish you success in your work! Thank you. - Eve, Croatia


A great big thanks and shoutout to Jen McKinney. You’re such an inspiration and spread happiness everywhere you go!! I’ll never look at a bag of chips the same ever again. Anyone who needs some excellent support I strongly urge you to seek her out. You will be happy you did. Thanks again Jen -Vicki, Canada

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